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The Knotted Grove!

Hello, I'm Beth! Thanks so much for visiting my online shop. I started creating macrame in 2013 and opened my first online shop Watts Knots with Etsy. I love creating so much that I am constantly teaching myself new techniques every chance that I get. I love to crochet and needle tatt as well.

In 2015 my life and business was turned upside down when I started having panic attacks daily for no apparent reason. I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety not long after. After learning first hand how horrible anxiety medication can be, for me at least, I made it a point to learn as much as possible about natural healing. This is what started my journey of self discovery and led me on a path of self healing (still a work in progress). I realized during this time, that my life's purpose was to offer the world handcrafted tools bound with intent, magic, and love, so that others may find inspiration, comfort, and peace along their life's journey. This is when I re-branded into The Knotted Grove. I needed the name of my shop to represent everything that I believe in and have to offer, not just jewelry.


More About Me:
I'm originally from Northeast Arkansas but have always longed to be in the Mountains, it's where I belong. In October 2018, I moved to a little town about 2 miles outside of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Me and my children like it here but we are still searching for our forever home. I have five pretty awesome kids with my oldest being 16 and my youngest about to turn 3 weeks old. Hopefully, we will land somewhere deep in the Appalachian Mountains. I would love to own some land where I can grow vegetables, herbs, and botanical's. I have a dream of opening my own brick and mortar shop by the time I turn 45, at the moment I'm 40. Until then I will continue to offer jewelry and other goods to help raise funds for my Herb Shop.


I am an aspiring herbalist and have started creating plant potions and other herbal products that I will soon offer in my online shop and at local craft shows. I am an Aquaruis, I love Herbal Tea, and I have started working on a daily routine that involves meditation, yoga, and other little things that make me happy. I hope to start a blog soon that will give everyone a better look into my life and that will also have DIY recipes and jewelry making tutorials. Thank you so much for reading about my passion and why I do what I do. Please feel free to contact me through my website or any of my social media pages. I will do my best to help you any way that I can, even if you just need to talk. Have a Blessed Day, Beth.

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